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Spiritual Healing Retreat

Private accommodations in one of our suites

  • Your very own master life and wellness coach working one on one with you

  • Three healthy meals per day picked by you plus tea, coffee, and water

  • An in-depth wellness program that will help you find your life’s purpose and touch on every area of your life 

  • Personal life plan

  • Evening CD Meditation sessions each day

  • 3-4 hours of one-on-one Somatic Therapy Sessions, working Exclusively with you daily

  • 1 private yoga class 

  • 1hr Energy healing session

  • Complimentary breakfast before check out


This is a powerful experience of connecting with your own energy and being guided in using that energy to recharge your inner spirit. You will be taking care of all three elements of your well-being, your mind through meditation, your body through Yoga and massage, and your Spirit through finding balance and reconnecting with your higher being. Having time and space will give you the opportunity to rethink your priorities. Renew your body and enrich your mind and spirit with this once-in-a-lifetime retreat! This will allow you to get the maximum benefit and long-term lasting results. 

$799 per night plus tax/gratuity

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